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Metravib's new version OneProd System in 5 key points

The new version OneProd System in 5 key points

When it comes to condition monitoring, are you in quest of ever-more efficient software? of fully integrated systems?
If so, we just made the new OneProd System version 4.2 for you.

#1 Integrate large machine monitoring

Monitoring large machines with OneProd System is now possible, as well as event post-analysis , thanks to the new Real-Time monitoring functions in the OneProd MVX system. The system can monitor simple or complex machines as well as turbines.

#2 Quickly spot changes

You can easily dectec machine behaviour changes, based on an interactive visual display of 3D spectra in the OneProd XPR software. This is essential to focus your attention on changes and problems.

#3 Customize analysis reports easily

The condition monitoring software OneProd XPR makes it easy for you to structure and format your analysis reports. This is important to better communicate results with decision makers.

#4 Monitor wind turbines efficiently

The dedicated OneProd Wind System now integrates data directly from oil debris sensors. You gather all the information relevant to the machine monitoring in one spot and gain time.
The system also offers a method to monitor blades, which is an even more complete way to consolidate information.

#5 Focus on the key points

Users are always in demand of efficiency, with time-saving methods and integrated systems. We listened and built an appropriate answer: OneProd System, new version 4.2.
OneProd a 01dB-Metravib brand
Stephanie Briand
Predictive Maintenance from Metravib in The Windfair Newsletter
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