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FORCE Technology proudly announces the latest development on automated ultrasonic scanners for on-site NDT inspection on rotor blades: The fully integrated P-scan AMS-64 blade scanner. It is an ultra portable track scanner system, which may be attached to

The main purpose with the portable AMS-64 scanner is to provide fully automated UT scanning under versatile conditions. It may accommodate to any blade shape and geometry. Handling, transportation, shipping and installation for automated NDT inspection is easily accomplished on location.

The whole system, with all needed components, are contained in two handy Aluminum transport cases. Easily unwrapped and installed for operation. Can be operated on location by only one qualified operator. The integer scanner mechanics are designed with lowest weight in focus, applying CFRP composite components to save weight.

When assembled and attached to a rotor blade, the scanner is secured in lateral position by vacuum suction cups. Hence, you get an extremely stabile platform for precision NDT surface and line scanning over a 2 meter span segment. Larger areas may be covered segment by segment. It may accomplish both main girder spar caps, as well as leading and trailing edges. All types of hidden structural defects may be indicated, detected, sized and monitored in 3D. Anything from laminar defects, voids, blisters and cracks, to improper fiber orientation, with unintentional fiber waviness (wrinkles) in glass / carbon UD layers.
This scanner system, any several more, are displayed and demonstrated by FORCE Technology at the HUSUM WindEnergy 2012, Hall 1, Booth 1D10.

FORCE Technology is an international consultancy, testing and inspection provider, based in Scandinavia. Holds a global position with some 1.300 qualified experts. The extensive experience is based on customer and industrial insight acquired over more than 25 years in wind energy. That alone makes FORCE Technology the recognized market leader in integrated scanner systems for automated quality inspection on rotor blades. Anywhere from production to installed turbines on location. It includes innovative, customized and effective automated NDT scanner technologies for wind turbines in general (blades, towers, foundations).

FORCE Technology also provides an extensive program of advanced contract NDT inspection services to anyone on the global wind energy market: Europe, USA, South America, China, India. Often involved in the most delicate investigations: component integrity, reliability, condition testing in operation and accident damage RCA when incidences have occurred.
FORCE Technology
Morgan Troedsson
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